Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Lust List - February 2015

Welcome to the first LUST LIST post! 

Each month I'll post a lovely list of all the things I'm loving! Whether it's shoes, food, make-up or movies!

Here's what I'm loving and lusting this month ;)

These Charlotte Olypia Flamingo Heels... FLAMINGO. HEELS. :O

these are actually from a really old collection, but I will never stop loving and wanting them!

Rifle Paper Co Rosa iPhone Cover

I love EVERYTHING Rifle Paper Co, this is one of my absolute faves!

Find this one and other beauties like it here

These SS14 Primark ( Yep, PRIMARK!) heels.

So so pretty and unusual, my friend Hannah actually bought floral ones and I'm hella jelly.

 Rose Gold Hair

I had crazy, fun, messy, multicoloured hair throughout my teens and I am seriously lusting after this pretty shade of pink hair right now! I could'nt go full on flamingo because of work, but I might treat myself to some sneaky streaks in the summer! :)


Yes, I know, I was late to the party and I regret it, but I'm here now and I am LOVING IT!

Scandal is SUCH a great show but I'm only on the second series so no spoilers please!


I'm also loving the second series of this surprisingly great British crime drama. As soon as one episode is over I am dyyyyyying for the next one!

but the thing i'm loving most right now....


I have literally eaten about 10 packs of these (mostly while watching Scandal or Broadchurch)in the last couple of weeks, that gentle crack of the sugary shell on your teeth, the chocolate melting instantly MMMMmmmmmmm 

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