Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Prettiest Dress I Ever Will Wear

Girls, no matter how much of a tomboy you were as a kid (and I was, I've the scars to prove it), or how 'sensible' you think you are going to be when it comes to choosing your wedding dress, it's one of those things, that whether you admit it or not, you REALLY care about, you've probably ALWAYS cared about. I know I thought about it for a long long time!

I only went to a couple of shops and tried on a dozen or less dresses, but my dress was most definitely MY dress. I LOVE it.

I picked Devenport by American wedding dress designer Watters who don't have a lot of stockists in the UK, but Jenny Lindop Bridal in my hometown of Bangor just happened to be one of the few!

I know how frustrating it can be when the only pics you can find of a wedding dress you love are on a model, it's so hard to envision what it will be like on your own figure, I spent months trawling the internet looking at wedding dress resale sights to see real brides in my dress! So hopefully this post will help another Devenport bride! :)

I bought my dress off the rail, the sample, which when I bought it was far too small, I'd put on weight gradually over a couple of years after I stopped smoking, (having a BIG love for good food didn't help either) and I was uncomfortable with my size and shape, I don't just mean I felt embarrassed of my tummy and my hips and bingo wings (although I did) but I was becoming physically uncomfortable too, getting sore lines on my tummy and rib area from my work trousers and bra being tight and sitting in them all day at my desk, having to wear shapewear to fit into dresses and skirts and then feeling like I couldn't breath all day - not fun.

I wanted to lose a bit of weight for a long time but I'm lazy! I love food and hate exercise, but I knew if I didn't lose some weight before the wedding, I'd hate myself forever.

I did lose some weight, not as much as I'd have liked to, but the dress fit!

After trying it on a dozen times over 18 months, one month before the wedding, that little covered zip finally made it the whole way to the top!!!

It was a strapless dress, and I had a lace keyhole (thank you again Jenny!) strap attached, and I'm so glad I did!

Anywaaaay... This is my dress and I loved it :) it was exactly what, when I closed my eyes and imagined a 'wedding dress', that dress looked like.

I loved having to lift up my skirts to walk up stairs and climb into the car, some brides might hate that but it made me feel like a princess. One of my fave little things about the day was sitting in the back of that beautiful classic car surrounded by pouffy dress!

If you have any questions about picking your dress, details of my dress or about our wedding day I'd love to hear them!


Photography - Jake Samuels

Classic Cars -  Ivory 1964 Princess (interier shown) and Ivory Daimler, Klass Cars NI

Dress Watters Devenport from Jenny Lindop Bridal wear in Bangor

Lace Keyhole Strap - from Jenny Lindop Bridal wear in Bangor

Sash - January Rose Bridal Boutique via Etsy

Shoes - Dragonlady by Vivienne Westwood (Mine were the original pearl with red heart, they are discontinued and I got mine on ebay!)

Bees - for my hairThe Peddler via Etsy

Boys suits - Light Blue Tonic Slim Fit from Burton Menswear

Flowers Floral Earth Belfast - See full blog post on flowers here

Hair - Laura Rodgers @ DKY Hair Company Bangor

Makeup - Jenna Somerville 

(I'll post further details on the Bridesmaid's and Groomsmen's outfits, hair and makeup and some of the other details at a later date!)

If you'd like to see more about my wedding and the planning process, why not visit my other blog Pea & Carrot Get Married?


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I just bought the same dress with the intention of added lace key hole straps as well and it is so nice to find some pictures of it done. You were a stunning bride!!!

    1. Aw thank you so much Jenna! When I bought the dress I scoured the Internet for pictures of 'real brides' in the same dress hoping that someone had added steps like I wanted to so I could see what they looked like, so this was one of the reasons I decided to share my own pictures- so glad you found them! :)
      All the best with your wedding planning and I hope you love wearing your dress as much as I loved wearing mine! :) L x


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