Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Beautiful Blooms

When it came to picking a florist for our big day, I was extremely fussy... it was probably the one part of the wedding I was properly fussy about (sorry Tim!) but really... it's the one time in your life you get to buy yourself amazing flowers - whatever flowers you want and lots of them!

I had a VERY clear idea of what I didn't want, no red roses no gerberas no tropical colours - that's just not me, and I had one serious demand PEONIES!

We got married in August and peonies were wellll out of season but the amazing Tim of Floral Earth made it happen!

I wanted a big messy pretty variety of flowers and greenery in my bouquet, lots of different shades and textures and I gave Tim a BIG list of what I wanted and he really did such an amazing job! 

Details of flowers below each pic;

My bouquet had so many different flowers I really can't remember them all but there were; blush peonies, roses, eucalyptus, and that big crazy lookin' fella in the middle is a king protea, isn't it amazing?!

In my hair I had a gorgeous floral comb with more mixed flowers and I also wore some little golden bees!(find them here)

That's another view of my bouquet (above and below), I absolutely loved it, it was so crazy and pretty!

The bridesmaid's bouquets were similar to mine with a slightly smaller selection of flowers, the colours were so perfect with their dresses weren't they?!

Our table flowers followed the same mixed texture and colour theme and were displayed in vintage gold urns, teapots and mercury glass pieces that I had been collecting for a couple of years.

I honestly couldn't have been happier with our beautiful blooms and would recommend Floral Earth to anyone!

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