Monday, 4 September 2017

My Maternity Saviours Vol. 1

There have been a few things that were either recommended to me or that I've stumbled across over the last couple of months that now looking back I can't imagine living without! So I thought I'd share in case they are as helpful to someone else as they have been to me.

I actually started writing this post ages ago, and I'll blame a bit of baby brain and a bit of busyness in work but I've decided if I'm ever going to share then I'll have to do it in small batches, so here is Vol. 1 of things that have been my maternity saviours!

This bra

Which I bought on sale and wore nearly every day so decided to get a second one to rotate while one was in the wash – it’s that comfy.  ( I also plan to buy in in white or nude).
No it’s not a maternity or nursing bra and Yes it is a push-up bra – but I SWEAR it’s comfortable! There is no underwire and the cups are smooth but breathable. I’ve had to add a bra extender to it (as I have with all my bras) but that is no bother. I've tried MANY maternity bras from M&S, New Look, Asos, Mothercare etc and while the Mothercare ones are ok and the Asos ones 'will do' - this bra is sooooo much more comfortable than any other i've tried.

I know it’s not the ‘done thing’ but I’ve never had cleavage in my life – having been a member of the itty bitty titty committee until I put on a couple of dress sizes a few years ago and then my boobs were a bit bigger, but not more than a handful (literally). I was a 36b for a while, then a 38c as I went up to a size 16/18 but the shape of my boobs means I wouldn’t have cleavage unless I very uncomfortable squashed my boobs together – until pregnancy – I’m currently around a 38d I think, although this bra in 38c fits well and I have a nice amount of cleavage (which I haven’t actually flaunted but enjoy!)

Personally I like having smaller boobs, but for now I’ll let the Wonderbra and pregnancy make me feel like Dolly Parton for a while (until birth and feeding change it all!)
Good Points
No underwire
Washes well
Smooth under clothes

Not so good points
A wee bit pricey full price

This Pillow

Which we read the amazon reviews for together one night and were in wrinkles laughing at this review (honestly read it, it's hilarious). We ended up ordering the cushion and affectionately refer to it as 'the bambino madre'.
I had bought another cheaper 'V' shaped pillow before, which is great for on the sofa, in bed or a in chair for sitting up but not at all what I needed for sleeping, I was using a normal pillow to cuddle to help rest my bump on and stop me rolling onto my front (I'm a half side/ half belly sleeper normally) but I outgrew this and knew I needed something bigger and 'proper'.
The pillow does take up a lot of space in the bed... and we are 'big' people anyway, so it's a little cramped but I am SOOO much more comfortable. I still roll from my right side to my left and back throughout the night (much to Ross's dismay because the baby book tells you to sleep on your left side - but I checked with 2 midwives and it's FINE) but I'm supported and snuggled in and have the pressure of my bump taken off as well as support between my knees.

Good Points
Not too expensive
Good Choice of cover colours (we went for sky blue to go with most of our bedding)

Not so good points
Gets pretty warm all snuggled in there!
Takes up a lot of room

So that's my first two Maternity Saviours that I felt I should share, I'll post more as soon as I get the time/ energy/ remember!

Love L x 

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