Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Happy, Happy, Happy, News!

In February this year, Ross and I received some exciting, a bit scary, but very happy news, we are expecting a baby!

I took this pic at about 8 weeks, although I had the idea years ago! It's our wedding shoes at the beach I grew up on :)

While this baby was planned and hoped for, I found the first few weeks of the pregnancy extremely anxious, and I'm still finding it difficult to express exactly how I'm feeling - which is a new thing for me (as well as the hatred of all sweet food!)

We waited until after our 12 week scan to tell our families - even our parents, and told our closest friends that weekend.

I told work and shared the news on facebook after 15 weeks as I felt the 'keeping it a secret' thing was making me more anxious and therefore more nauseous - and I have felt quite a lot better since then!

FAQs (what everyone seems to want to know - which is lovely!)

When are we due?
 I'm around 16/ 17 weeks, so due end of October/ start of November ( we will be given a more definite date at our 20 week scan next month)

How have I been?
 Everything seems to be going well, and I feel OK, pretty tired and I was very nauseous for about 15 weeks - although not actually very sick - I always assumed 'Morning Sickness' meant actually throwing up, but apparently not!

Things I've been asked that aren't so lovely 

"Are you married!?"
To the woman in my office who I only know to see but who felt the need to let me know she heard I was pregnant (not actually congratulating) and then briskly asked me if I'm married - WHY does this matter to you? It's 2017 woman!
- For the record my response was "Did you just ask me if I'm married?! Sorry my hearing is bad but that's what it sounded like?"

"Was it planned?" 

"Were you trying for long?" 
This wasn't asked in a mean way but a caring way, but that it VERY personal information, and something that many people wouldn't want to share, and it's not a question I would ever ask someone, just be happy for their happy news!

Anyway, I'll share my POV and thoughts and updates as I can but for now I just feel like 'how do I deserve to be so lucky?!'

Any questions you have or advice (yes please!) please feel free to ask in the comments!

Love L x

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