Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Books for Baba - The Most Beautiful Children’s Books

UPDATE: we did it!

I'm so in love with it! Details to follow soon! 😊

When I found out I was expecting (ok… maybe slightly before then…) I was getting very ‘nesty’ as I often do and wanted to start buying bits and bobs for future baby. Baby clothes to me then felt a little too optimistic with the anxiety I was feeling (more about that in a future post) but books seemed like a good thing to start to look at.

Of course it will be years until Baba can read these books for themselves, but in the meantime I've chosen some of those with the prettiest design and pictures to entice them, as well as to be a design feature in their room!

Years ago I’d ‘pinned’ ideas for a future kids room and had several pictures of front facing bookshelves saved, and I love the idea of beautifully illustrated, brightly coloured books being a key feature in a child’s room – perhaps in the hopes of passing my love of reading on to them!

And so with this in mind, one of the first thing I purchased for our nursery (as well as a big comfy armchair for nursing) were these Ikea front facing shelves, although I’ve seen lovely wooden/ Perspex/ DIY versions out there too!

Below are a couple of my favourites from other sites which I have used for reference – sources tagged

Such pretty colours and perspex shelves! From Chronicles of Frivolity

A DIY version from A Beautiful Mess

Soft Colours and GORGEOUS Chair

I began collecting some beautiful books early this year mostly bought from Wordery, Amazon and a couple of vintage ones from eBay, I looked on Pinterest, on my favourite blogs (A Beautiful Mess, The Band Wife, Chronicles of Frivolity etc.) for inspo as well as trailing through book sites and googling ‘beautiful children’s books’.

These are what I’ve got so far (all books and authors plus more tagged below!)

And these are on my wishlist;

I also have a small collection of vintage children’s books that have been passed on to me by my mum or granny, and a few from charity shops and car boot sales I bought years ago which I plan to display too.

This one is my absolute FAVE! It was my mum’s and I loved it when I was little too (it never did teach me to tidy my room though…)

 I feel that keeping the nursery pretty muted neutral colours (we will probably not even paint the room - just keep it the off white colour it is now) and using fun accessories; chair, rug, lamps, cushions and of course BOOKS, to add colour, is a really nice way of designing a relaxing but fun space for a child. I can't wait to really get stuck in to 'doing up' the nursery! :)

When I actually get round to decorating the nursery and putting up the shelves I’ll share the final look with you!

In the meantime, what do you think? What do you think is the most beautiful children's book? And what was your fave as a child?

Love, L x

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