Monday, 30 March 2015

The Lust List - March 2015

Welcome to (a VERY late) March lust list!

It's been a crazy busy month with housey stuff (yey) and workey stuff (boo)

As well as mother's day this month, it was also my little sister Zara's birthday, and she moved to Greece!!! (I'm very jelly)

This month a project in work meant I was in London working for a week, though I didn't have a chance to shop, the hotel I was staying in was in St Pancras station which had loads of amazing shops to look in the windows of - so lots of stuff to lust after!

Here's what I was loving and lusting this month ;)

Lord Ludo U. Maritimus

I was feeling very ill a couple of weeks ago and my Dad and sister were out in Belfast so came to pick me up to take me home, on the way home my dad stopped at the On the Square Auction House for a nosey, it was very cool (pun intended).
 This dapper lad was in the window. I wish I could have taken him and his top hat home. (And those chairs too!)

Mirror Mirror in the Hall

 If you know me, you know I love shopping in charity shops and junk shops. Sometimes I buy total cr*p, and sometimes I find a hidden gem which I love forever. This is one of my favourite gems so far :)

I've seen mirrors like this in magazines and on pinterest and I really love them, especially over a console table in a hallway, which is hopefully where this beauty will end up in our new house!

I'd wanted a mirror like this for ages, and thought if I ever got one it would be after searching high and low and paying over the odds for one in Laura Ashley or somewhere like that. But instead, as I was dropping off some clothes and bric-a-brac we can't bring to the new house, I spotted this lovely in the charity shop window and snatched it up for just £5. I'm am VERY happy girl.

P.s. those dried flowers in the mercury glass globe? That's my wedding bouquet! :D

A Look around London

This was the view from the front of our London office (terrible pic, I know!), I really didn't get much of a chance to enjoy the city, but this was one area of the city I'd never really seen before as I usually stick to Camden, Portobello Road, Brixton and Oxford Street (of course!) 

Leaving the office the first day I was over, the sun was just fading and London bridge looked beautiful. Because it's been such a busy month I haven't had a chance to go for a beachwalk which I really need regularly to keep me calm, so the cool breeze and sound of the water was lovely after a long day of travelling and work!

I managed to get to Camden for dinner by my lonesome one night and had AMAAZING tapas in Jamon Jamon which I would HIGHLY recommend, I picked three dishes and a glass of yummy sangria and got an actual MOUNTAIN of olives!


Cruelly, there was a Fortnam and Mason right beside the entrance to my Hotel in St Pancras Station. I wanted to taste, smell and buy EVERYTHING. Their chocolates, their coffee, their biccies and even their tea (I hate tea- sinful I know) BUT I didn't get a chance to look! 

I knew there was a F&M in Heathrow on the way home though and managed to sprint to it in time to pick out some treats from their confectionery counter and a tin of coffee to keep for Saturday mornings in the new house :)

 I bought Ross and his mum a box of vanilla fudge each and bought myself two little boxes of beautiful Turkish Delight, one rose and one lemon. It was gorgeously wrapped but did not survive long enough to take a good photo...

This is the coffee I bought us, it was pretty pricey but a nice treat and if it's good enough for Betty Windsor, it's good enough for us!

That's about it this month! I'll be more on the ball next month and try to share my lust list before the month is over! -_-

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