Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Lust List - May 2015 (Very late!)

Another very late lust list this month :S BUT! It's because I've been busy getting and setting up a lot of the things I've previously lusted over for our new house, so that can be forgiven I think :)

The things I'm after this month have again mostly been for the house, but have also mostly been boring/ sensible things ( like a shed) however I have managed to get a few lovely things for the house using vouchers which we got from lovely people as wedding presents or new house gifts, here's a few of the prettiest things;

This Safari bathmat from M&S

I love leopard print, not gonna lie, I would have a leopard version of pretty much everything I own quite happily, but it's not everyone's taste and as I've gotten a little older I've moved further away from 'OMGEEE LETS HAVE A LEOPARD THEME BATHROOM WITH EVERYTHING LEOPARD PRINT EVEN THE LOO ROLL!!!' to 'Oh, the neutral colours in this bathmat will go with our pale grey bathroom' but this bathmat was so cute I had to have it! Especially as my Granny and Great Auntie gave us M&S vouchers as a house warming present! (thank you you two!)

The Matching Towels

We didn't get the towels to match the bathmat as they were sold out online, but I'm going to look in store for the matching hand towels this week :)

Rosie For Autograph Home Diffuser

I smelt this lovely room scent months ago when it came out and loved it but it was to pricey a present for myself for no reason, gift vouchers for the new house were the perfect excuse!

I also treated myself to the Rosie perfume, which was only £14 and is such a pretty scent!

The Perfect Nude Nail Polish

Guys... I have a problem... I have a lot of nail varnishes, like A LOT but I only recently realised the amount of 'nude' polishes I have is ridic. And I still have not found 'the one' :(

If you know where I can find the perfect pinky-peachy-nude polish (that doesn't cost a fortune) PLEASE tell me!

Chandeliers (Plural)

I really want a lovely but light chandelier for our bedroom, I've searched and searched on the internet and been close to buying many but then changed my mind at the last minute. I think this one on Amazon is the one though, I may get it after pay day! 

I also really want a pretty pastel vintage phone for our bedroom too, theres a phone port right beside my bedside table so I think really we need a phone there, you know, for 'emergencies' (like gossip!)

 That's really all I'm properly lusting after this month, I'm trying to avoid clothes shops! I'll post a house update soon though :)

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