Saturday, 25 April 2015

Everyday Soundtrack

This has to be one of the most uplifting and motivational movie soundtracks, I could listen to it all the time! It's what I listen to most often when I'm working or doing stuff in the house, brilliant for humming along to but not distracting.

We actually played most of it at our wedding pre ceremony!

Great movie, great music :)

Monday, 13 April 2015


Did you see this in the news today? The worlds only black flamingo, it has a rare 'anti-albinoism' where it produses too much melatonin. Or it's just a bad ass.

Mrs Mingo "Fred can you please just dress nicely today for the family photo? I've left a nice pink shirt on your bed." 

Fred- "ugh mum no way, just let me express myself! I'm a goth I'm not going to wear pink. GOD!"


Saturday, 4 April 2015

More Easter Bunnies!

How amazing are these Easter cupcakes my mum-in-law Elaine made today?!

They are vanilla cupcakes with coconut fur, white choc finger ears, jelly tot nose, chocolate eyes and sprinkle whiskers- yes that is a LOT of detail! They were not quick and easy to make! But mega cute huh?!

Easter Bunny

What do you do when the shops have run out of Easter eggs and you haven't bought a single one??

 Improvise! I made a couple of these Easter flower pots for Ross's parents, his brother Adam and his girlfriend Jill, and for my mum and brother Sam.

There's lots of fun stuff in there; mini bottles of pink cava and red wine (for my mum as she was off red wine for lent 🍷) chocolate bars, happy hippos, nuts, lollys, refresher bars... Oh and of course straw/ fake grass and little fluffy bunnies and nests to decorate! πŸ‡πŸ£πŸ’

Hoppy Easter everyone! πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡

G&T with Q

I'm a big fan of gin and tonic, I normally have mine with a big wedge of lime or occasionally with a splash of elderflower cordial (thanks to Sarah!) but last week when I was getting groceries in @tesco I discovered their new flavoured tonics, one with jasmine and one within cucumber and I tried both that weekend. 

I usually drink Gordon's gin, which is quite floral tasting so really the jasmine tonic should have been best but I didn't know what to use as a garnish (and yes that's important! I like garnishes that add flavour) , lime cancelled out the floral taste. So I'll need to figure that one out!

Traditionally it's Hendricks gin that is recommended with cucumber but I really enjoyed my Gordon's with the cucumber tonic and finely peeled strips of fresh cucumber! I had one of these last night and took a pic this time so I can share :) 

What's your go-to Friday night drink? Do you like g&ts?🍸 How do you take yours? Have a great long weekend everyone! πŸ˜‰

Friday, 3 April 2015

The Lust List - April 2015

This month I am SERIOUSLY nesting, our completion date for the new house is 6th May and we have been busy packing and planning. VERY EXCITING!

We picked our kitchen a couple of weeks ago and I'm nervous to see it 'in real life' but that's not stopping me planning a few new purchases for it! 

My WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL AMAZING friends in work got Ross and I a duck egg blue KitchenAid as a wedding present, and it's pretty much my fave thing ever, so I think we are going to decorate the kitchen around that! +KitchenAid 

Therefore on my lust list this month are a few duck-egg delights for our kitchen/ dining room!

Calling the Kettle... Blue!

I got VERY excited about buying this kettle... ask poor Keeva who has to sit beside me in the office. It was my NEWS OF THE WEEK. Mainly because I've been trying so hard not to shop and to save money that whenever pay day rolled around and we needed a new kettle for the new house, it felt like such a treat to allow myself to buy something pretty. Sad I know! 
But look how pretty! It matches my mixer! :D +Asda 

Take a Seat

We have very kindly been given a large round dining table by Ross's cousin Lezah, we cant' really tell until we are in the house what it will look like with the kitchen dΓ©cor but we may end up painting it or just using a pretty table cloth. We already have a collection of four odd wooden chairs which I (badly) painted pastel shades, I plan to sand them down and repaint them properly for the new house. I will probably spray paint them to get a nice even finish, but haven't decided on colours yet, again it depends on our finished kitchen, but I like these shades below!

I love these seat cushions from H&M and think they would look lovely on cream or ivory painted chairs.  +H&M 

But first.... Coffee

I love DotCom Gift Shop, they are just amazing, so many pretty things. Their kitchenware game has been significantly high recently (or I am just becoming aware that 'kitchenware game' is a thing, have I just invented it? who knows.) I particularly love these stove top espresso makers because; A) Coffee and B) Pretty Colours. Also stove-top is the best. #justsayin #kitchenwaregame +Dotcomgiftshop 


Have you heard of The Meringue Girls? They are basically the two coolest girls ever. And they make Meringues. I want to meet them/ be them/ eat all the meringues. Have I said meringue enough? No. MERINGUES. 


These oven mitts from Stu Gardiner Designs are insanely kitch and cool. LOVE them!I think they are very me :)  

So basically this month, I'm looking forward to getting into our new house with our new kitchen and making some meringues with our kitchenaid while wearing funky mitts! - We'll see how that goes lol ;)